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Family Visit

Who We Are

Aurora Home Care -
Leading Provider of In-Home Healthcare

We have developed a personalised approach to care planning which means that every care package is uniquely tailored to the individual, taking into consideration their wishes and needs plus those of their families.

We employ local people to work in the area’s where they live; thus ensuring continuity and consistency of care and eliminating the need for carers to travel great distances between calls making sure each client gets exactly the time they are paying for in a professional and unhurried manner.

We consistently review our care provision through audit and satisfaction surveys.

All service users are visited regularly and asked their views on our service, we also send out satisfaction surveys to service users, relatives and visiting professionals.

In addition to this our Manager and senior staff do spot check visits on care staff, and supervision and appraisal are carried out regularly .

We are inspected by CQC (Care Quality Commission) and are compliant in all areas of provision. Click to read our most up to date inspection report.

We pride ourselves on our care provision and reputation and have a robust complaints procedure should anyone become dissatisfied with any area of our care or support provision.

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